CARERS’ COUNCIL (Allies in Adult Mental Health) – Summer 2017


Wednesday 21ST June (1 pm – 4 pm)

At the Nottingham Mechanics, 3, North Sherwood St

Nottingham NG1 4EZ

 See link for further details of the open day and the summer 2017 newsletter

Carers Checklist 2017

The Carers Checklist

This checklist sets out practical steps every part of the community can take to be carer friendly – to help you feel supported as a carer and recognised as an individual with needs of your own.

We hope it will help you think about your community and what additional support might improve your life.

‘Nottingham City and County Carer Roadshows’

Nottingham City and County Carer Roadshows

Please see the link for information about the 2017 Carer Roadshows

Calling All Carers!!

This is a Free Event for all Carers. Go along to get information, advice and support and meet your local support services.


There are roadshows across the whole of Nottinghamshire during summer 2017.

Find out about local carer services and support Talk to carers, service providers and service planners Find out about rights and benefits Meet carers and share experiences Air your views Browse the market place.

Are You a Carer?

If you are looking after someone and caring for their needs, you are a carer Because many people don’t know that there are support groups, campaign groups and communities of interest aiming to help carers in Nottinghamshire Come along and find out


Roadshows start from June 6th 2017 and will run till September 14th. Go along to an event near you.

Eastwood Memory Cafe

Eastwood memory cafe opens on Tuesday the 9th of May and will be held thereafter on the 2nd Tuesday of every month.

It will be held at Plumptre Hall Eastwood NG16 3BS from 12:15 – 3PM

If you are interested in attending please complete the registration form below
Guest Registration Form and return it to

For more information download the flyer Memory Cafe Eastwood (2)

Carers passports – your thoughts please…

Carers UK would be grateful for your input into a study they are carrying out for the Department of Health over the next couple of weeks.

They are looking at the range of carers passports schemes which exist and examining how useful they are in improving recognition and support for carers.

And where these passport schemes don’t already exist, they’d like to know your thoughts on whether they could make a positive difference to your life.

Can you spare a few minutes to let us know your thoughts?
Please fill in this short, survey Carers Passport Survey