Carers Health and Wellbeing

As an unpaid carer, it is important to look after your own health, so your ability to care is not affected. The following points are important for all unpaid carers;

Register with your GP – telling your GP that you are an unpaid carer will help them to understand and support you better.  You can also arrange health checks to look after your own health, ask at your GP practice.

  • Find out more about the importance of monitoring your blood pressure.
  • Self help care and advice is available at NHS Choices
  • Flu Vaccine – unpaid carers are a priority group, so you are entitled to get this for free by asking at your GP practice. This vaccine is important for you as a preventative measure for the person you care for.
  • Counselling – Carers Federation can provide specialist counselling for unpaid carers living in Nottingham City, or who are registered with a City GP, call 0115 9629 310 for more information.
  • Let’s Talk Wellbeing is available in Nottingham City  and offers a range of psychotherapy treatments.  GPs can also make referrals for counselling.
  • Trent PTS provide free, responsive psychological therapies, you can access the service via your GP.
  • Insight Healthcare provide free NHS taliking therapies click on th elink for more information.
  • Stress Management – being an unpaid carer can be stressful, so it is important to recognise your stress triggers and know how to manage stress in your daily life.
  •  You can also access the   Free online ‘Caring with Confidence’ course – hosted by NHS Choice.  This is great for working carers, anyone who is used to using the internet and can’t get out. To start the workshops visit:
  • Recovery College – offers courses that are designed to increase your knowledge and skills about recovery and self-management of your mental health and wellbeing, courses will be delivered in 4 Community Library venues in Aspley, Bulwell, Clifton and Radford, as well as a campus in Mapperley. All of the courses are available to everyone aged 18 or over and living in Nottingham City with a City GP. For more information email: